Non Committee Person Needed


For Belmont FC to be able to get our insurance certificate of currency, it is required that we need to nominate a Member Protection Information Officer.

The nominated person cannot be a committee member.

There is some training that needs to be performed by the nominated person and more details on the Play by the Rules website.

If you are willing to be nominated, please let us know using the details on our contacts page ( ) or you can send us a message on our Facebook page.

Pull On Your Socks Contact Details


We have had a number of enquiries about the Pull on Your Socks fundraiser which is great. Could all questions please be sent to Judy Johnson as she is the head coordinator for this event.

Please either email or send text messages so that Judy can respond when suitable. 0413 011 023 or

Position Vacant


Are you tech savvy? Are you wondering how you can get involved with our great club, volunteering but without needing to spend time at the ground? This could be what you are waiting for.

We are in search of someone who can look after our website and Facebook page. The website is very simple to use and posting is a breeze. The committee provide you the information that they need shared online and with a little creative flair, you put together the post and display it for all to see. You’ll also be responsible for updating the page to advise as the whether the grounds are open or closed.

If you think you have what it takes to fill this position or have some questions about the position, please don’t hesitate to make yourself known. You can either message via Facebook or complete the Feedback form on our website:

*** Revised Duty Roster 2019 ***

Our community club can only run with volunteers. As such, each junior team has been allocated one round in which they are to organise volunteers to assist in the canteen or to cook and serve in the BBQ pit.

We need people to help each week with set up, otherwise the games will not be able to go ahead.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the committee.

RoundDateSet Up
2 People
From 7:00am
1 Person
8.30 – 1.00
2 People
8.30 – 1.00
127/04/19 (Sat) Under 6/4 Under 6/4Under 9/1
204/05/19 (Sat) Under 6/1 Under 6/1Under 9/2
311/05/19 (Sat) Under 6/2 Under 6/2Under 11/2
418/05/19 (Sat) Under 6/3 Under 6/3Under 8/3
525/05/19 (Sat) Under 6/5 Under 6/5Under 11/1
601/06/19 (Sat) Under 7/1 Under 7/1Under 10/2
715/06/19 (Sat) Under 7/3 Under 7/3Under 9/3
822/06/19 (Sat) Under 7/2 Under 7/2Under 10/1
929/06/19 (Sat) Under 7/4 Under 7/4Under 13
1006/07/19 (Sat) Under 7/6 Under 7/6Under 9/4
1120/07/19 (Sat) Under 7/5 Under 7/5Under 16
1227/07/19 (Sat) Under 8/1 Under 8/1Under 15
1303/08/19 (Sat) Under 8/4 Under 8/4Under 18
1410/08/19 (Sat) Under 8/2 Under 8/2Under 12

Pull On Your Socks


Belmont FC has decided this year to get behind the McGrath Foundation and raise money for those estimated 53 people diagnosed with breast cancer each day. We are fundraising for the McGrath Foundation to help place Breast Care Nurses across Australia.

More information will be provided in the coming weeks however for now, be prepared to buy yourself a pair of pink socks so all players and supporters can show our support.

If you would like to make an early contribution to our campaign and make a donation, please do so on our fundraiser page.

Where were you?

A community club such as ours needs helpers. There are only a small number of people volunteering their time to be on the committee and there are many jobs to do.

Yesterday, not one person outside of the committee volunteered their time to assist in setting up the grounds. That’s 22 goals set up plus cones, flags and poles put out as well as putting up signage, witches hats and ensuring there was paper in the toilets etc.

In the BBQ pit we had just two people spend the whole day providing food for all so a big thank you to Steve Veale and Rohan Nuss for their effort.

There is a lot of work that gets done throughout the day and we really need people putting their hand up and helping out whenever they can. There will be a roster drawn up allocating teams to roles each week but that doesn’t mean other assistance isn’t appreciated.

“Pull on your socks” and make a difference


Belmont FC is looking for an individual or a group of people that are willing to organise a fundraiser for McGrath Foundation.

If you would like to be involved, please either send a message via Facebook or email

Urgent Help Needed


We need someone to help out with marking the lines at Marks Oval on Thursday. If you are able to help, please contact Darren Hughes onĀ 0419 435 691.

The volunteer that usually marks the lines for us has hurt his hand and is not able to do it but he has said that he will attend while it is done to advise on how to do it.