Ground 2 Open for Games


While the Ryegrass program is still in place, we have the all clear to play our games on Ground 2. Training is to continue to only be in the areas outside the fence of Grounds 1 and 2.

During game days, please do not warm up on Ground 1, the only reason anyone should be on Ground 1 is to collect a ball that has strayed from the game on Ground 2.

Duty Roster 2019

Our community club can only run with volunteers. As such, each junior team has been allocated one round in which they are to organise volunteers to assist in the canteen or to cook and serve in the BBQ pit.

We need people to help each week with set up, otherwise the games will not be able to go ahead.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the committee.

RoundDateSet Up
4 People
7:00 – 8:00
1 Person
8.30 – 12.00
2 People
8.30 – 12.00
127/04/19 (Sat)Volunteers
Under 6/4Under 9/1
204/05/19 (Sat)Volunteers
Under 6/1Under 9/2
311/05/19 (Sat)Volunteers
Under 6/2Under 11/2
418/05/19 (Sat)Volunteers
Under 6/3Under 8/3
525/05/19 (Sat)Volunteers
Under 6/5Under 11/1
601/06/19 (Sat)Volunteers
Under 7/1Under 10/2
715/06/19 (Sat)Volunteers
Under 7/3Under 9/3
822/06/19 (Sat)Volunteers
Under 7/2Under 10/1
929/06/19 (Sat)Volunteers
Under 7/4Under 13
1006/07/19 (Sat)Volunteers
Under 7/6Under 9/4
1120/07/19 (Sat)Volunteers
Under 7/5Under 16
1227/07/19 (Sat)Volunteers
Under 8/1Under 15
1303/08/19 (Sat)Volunteers
Under 8/4Under 18
1410/08/19 (Sat)Volunteers
Under 8/2Under 12

Fixture Listings


Below is a listing of all teams. Each team name is a link to that teams’ fixtures for the season of 2019. There are additional screens that can be navigated from within the site including results for competition teams (I.E. U12 and above).

Some teams may have already found their draws online, and as such, it is important that you follow Macquarie Football’s request of “Check your draws!!!!!!!!!!!!!” as there “may have been some changes to game times over the last week. This has been mostly due to some teams withdrawing from competitions.

The draw on SportsTG is always the correct version. At all times SportsTG should be checked by everyone for the most up to date match information.”

Belmont 06/01-2019
Belmont 06/02-2019
Belmont 06/03-2019
Belmont 06/04-2019
Belmont 06/05-2019
Belmont 07/01-2019
Belmont 07/02-2019
Belmont 07/03-2019
Belmont 07/04-2019
Belmont 07/05-2019
Belmont 07Girls/01-2019
Belmont 08/01-2019
Belmont 08/02-2019
Belmont 08/03-2019
Belmont 08/04-2019
Belmont 09/01-2019
Belmont 09/02-2019
Belmont 09/03-2019
Belmont 09Girls/01-2019
Belmont 10/01-2019
Belmont 10/02-2019
Belmont 11/01-2019
Belmont 11/02-2019
Belmont 12/01-2019
Belmont 13/01-2019
Belmont 15/01-2019
Belmont 16/01-2019
Belmont 18/01-2019Fix
Belmont AA/01-2019
Belmont AAFri/01-2019
Belmont O35Fri/01-2019

If you would like to navigate through possible competitions and additional information, please use the following point as a starting reference.

Grounds Closed for Ryegrass Program


The grounds are now closed due to the Ryegrass Program. Please ensure that you do NOT train inside of the fence surrounding grounds 1 and 2.
Training can be done on the RooBall field or any surrounding area but please keep in mind that many others will also be training so everyone needs to share.
If you train somewhere other than at Marks Oval, be sure to contact the Committee beforehand and advise of the location and time of your training session.

Where were you?

A community club such as ours needs helpers. There are only a small number of people volunteering their time to be on the committee and there are many jobs to do.

Yesterday, not one person outside of the committee volunteered their time to assist in setting up the grounds. That’s 22 goals set up plus cones, flags and poles put out as well as putting up signage, witches hats and ensuring there was paper in the toilets etc.

In the BBQ pit we had just two people spend the whole day providing food for all so a big thank you to Steve Veale and Rohan Nuss for their effort.

There is a lot of work that gets done throughout the day and we really need people putting their hand up and helping out whenever they can. There will be a roster drawn up allocating teams to roles each week but that doesn’t mean other assistance isn’t appreciated.

Child Safe Sport Workshop – Speers Point

Northern NSW Football will be hosting NSW Office of Sport to conduct a Child Safe Sport Workshop in Speers Point.

Sport and recreation clubs have a responsibility to protect children from harm and abuse.

The Child Safe Sport workshop helps to create awareness on how clubs can create safer environments for children and young people.

Developed using materials from the Office of the Children’s Guardian the Child Safe Sport Workshop is designed for club committees, administrators and volunteers, the workshop will cover:

·         Practical ways clubs can be more child safe

·         Child safety policy, procedures and recruitment

·         Creating a child safe culture

·         Why listening to and involving children is important

·         The Working with Children Check

·         Link to useful resources, templates and tools.

  • Starts: 09/04/2019 – 6:00pm
  • Ends: 09/04/2019 – 9:00pm

Lake Macquarie Regional Football Facility

13 Park Rd SPEERS POINT NSW 2284

Places are still available.

“Pull on your socks” and make a difference


Belmont FC is looking for an individual or a group of people that are willing to organise a fundraiser for McGrath Foundation.

If you would like to be involved, please either send a message via Facebook or email

Trial Games Sunday 7th April

Please find the times for all of our planned trial games for this coming Sunday the 7th April 2019.

The times shown are kickoff times so please ensure your team arrives early enough to get prepared for the game.

Shorts and socks will be available on the day for those who still need to purchase but please be aware that the committee will be busy so being served can be unavoidably delayed


Field Time Age Home Away
B1 9:00 U6 Belmont 6.1 Valentine 6.3
B2 9:00 U6 Belmont 6.2 Valentine 6.4
B3 9:00 U6 Belmont 6.3 Valentine 6.11
B4 9:00 U6 Belmont 6.4 WBFC 6-4s
B5 9:00 U8 Belmont 8.1 Dudley 8
B6 9:00 U8 Belmont 8.2 Valentine 8.3
ROO 9:00 U8 Belmont 8.3 Edgeworth 8
B7 9:00 U10 Belmont 10.1 Edgeworth 10
B8 9:00 U10 Belmont 10.2 Valentine 10.3
B1 10:00 U6 Belmont 6.5 Edgeworth 6
B2 10:00 U6 Belmont 6.6 Edgeworth 6
B3 10:00 U7 Belmont 7.1 Valentine 7.3
B4 10:00 U7 Belmont 7.2 Valentine 7.4
B5 10:00 U9 Belmont 9.1 Valentine 9.3
B6 10:00 U9 Belmont 9.2 WBFC 9-2s
ROO 10:00 U8 Belmont 8.4 Valentine 8.4
B7 10:00 U11 Belmont 11.1 Valentine 11.5
B1 11:00 U7 Belmont 7.3 Valentine 7.8
B2 11:00 U7 Belmont 7.4 WBFC 7-7s
B4 11:00 U7 Belmont 7.6 GIRLS Swansea 7 GIRLS
B6 11:00 U9 Belmont 9.4 GIRLS Edgeworth 9 GIRLS
2 11:00 U12 Belmont 12 GIRLS Swansea 12 GIRLS
1 12noon U12 Belmont 12.1 Edgeworth 12.3
2 12:30 U13 Belmont 13.1 WBFC 13-1s
1 1:30 U15 Belmont 15.1 Edgeworth 15
2 2:00 U16 Belmont 16.1 WBFC 16-2s
1 3:00 U18 Belmont 18.1 WBFC 18-1

Trials Games Still Going Ahead

Following ground inspections this morning and this afternoon, at this stage tomorrows trials games are Marks Oval are going ahead.

The ground was very wet and soft under foot this morning but the inspection this afternoon showed that while some areas are still wet, there has been great improvement.

Shorts and socks will be available on the day for those who still need to purchase but please be aware that the committee will be busy so being served can be unavoidably delayed

B19:00U6Belmont 6.1Valentine 6.1
B29:00U6Belmont 6.2Valentine 6.2
B39:00U6Belmont 6.3Valentine 6.12
B49:00U6Belmont 6.4 WBFC 6-6
B59:00U8Belmont 8.1WBFC 8-1s
B69:00U8Belmont 8.2Valentine 8.1
ROO9:00U8Belmont 8.3WBFC 8-2s
B79:00U10Belmont 10.1 WBFC 10-2
B89:00U10Belmont 10.2Valentine 10.2
B110:00U6Belmont 6.5Valentine 6.5
B210:00U7Belmont 7.1Valentine 7.1
B310:00U7Belmont 7.2Valentine 7.2
B410:00U6Belmont 6.6Valentine 6.6
B510:00U9Belmont 9.1Valentine 9.1
B610:00U9Belmont 9.2Valentine 9.2
ROO10:00U8Belmont 8.4Valentine 8.2
B710:00U11Belmont 11.1WBFC 11-2
B111:00U7Belmont 7.3Valentine 7.7
B211:00U7Belmont 7.5WBFC 7-7s
B311:00U7Belmont 7.6 GIRLSValentine 7.1 GIRLS
B611:00U9Belmont 9.4 GIRLSWarners Bay 9.3
211:00U12Belmont 12 GIRLSValentine 12 GIRLS
212:30U13Belmont 13.1WBFC 13-2s
11:30U15Belmont 15.1WBFC 15-1
22:00U16Belmont 16.1WBFC 16-2s
13:00U18Belmont 18.1Valentine 18.1