Closing the Gate


It is the responsibility of whoever is last to leave to shut the car park gate each afternoon/evening. It has been left open a number of times recently and we believe that it has been done through people simply not knowing, rather than being lazy.

Please let everyone know that if you are the last from Belmont FC to leave, then shut the gate. If others happen to be parked inside the gate and are using the playground, please take the time to ask them to move their car(s) so that you can close up.

Thinking of playing next year?


While Belmont FC has been enjoying a successful season on many levels, we would like to have even more people join in the fun next year. When choosing a club to represent, remember that Belmont FC have not had one washed out round so far this season as our grounds have help up much better than most and are currently in great shape. We also have lower registration costs compared to many other clubs.

For the older player, please contact the Committee if you have interest in joining our club and joining or forming a Women’s All Age team or an additional Over 35 Men’s team. This season we had interest in these teams but didn’t quite have enough players to get them on the field so we have decided to start the recruitment early in preparation for next season. We will also be happy for additional All Age teams to join us next near during registration.

For the younger players, we are always looking to create more teams. If we don’t get numbers to create an additional team in an age group there is still the opportunity to be added into a team as we have many teams that could do with an extra player or two.

Belmont FC hate seeing players miss the opportunity to take the field at any age group or level and will help out however we can to try to get players on the field.

Missing MiniRoos Goals


A few weeks ago we posted that a set of MiniRoos goals are missing.

Sadly they are still missing and we need them back urgently.

If you know of anyone who may have accidently picked them up and have forgotten to bring them back to the club please give them a reminder or let us know through our club email address:

Grounds Open


The grounds have been inspected today and the decision has been made to open them. There are still some soft areas so please use common sense and avoid those areas and avoid doing repetitive drills in one area of the field.

Grounds Still Closed


Marks Oval grounds will remain closed at least until Monday when they are reinspected.

As always, the Grounds page on the Belmont FC website is the best place to check if the grounds are currently open or closed.


Over 35s Thursday 26th April At Marks Oval

Due to the Jets game on Friday night the Football Association has moved the O35’s game to Thursday night 26th April. This means that one of the fields will not be available for training tonight. Teams training tonight will need to work in together to co-ordinate the available remaining space for training.

After a rigorous off-season training regime the O35’s are looking good to kick off the season for Belmont FC. Good luck tonight guys.

Changes to Gameday Draws

Please see below message from Macquarie Football, please check the Macquarie Football Fixtures site for the most up to date game listings.

Today we have made some changes to the 2018 draws because of movements of teams in and out of competitions. It has been necessary to alter some times of games. All these changes are available on the Web.

Please have all your teams check their draws regularly on the Web. The Web will always have the correct information about games.

Click the link below to your browser to see the latest draw:

Ryegrass Program Update

The Ryegrass program is now complete and we have been given the all’s clear to train and play on Marks Oval again.

Thank you to all teams for getting persevering with the difficult situation of limited training space but the playing surface will be much better throughout the season for the work that was done.