Grounds Still Closed


Marks Oval grounds will remain closed at least until Monday when they are reinspected.

As always, the Grounds page on the Belmont FC website is the best place to check if the grounds are currently open or closed.


Over 35s Thursday 26th April At Marks Oval

Due to the Jets game on Friday night the Football Association has moved the O35’s game to Thursday night 26th April. This means that one of the fields will not be available for training tonight. Teams training tonight will need to work in together to co-ordinate the available remaining space for training.

After a rigorous off-season training regime the O35’s are looking good to kick off the season for Belmont FC. Good luck tonight guys.

Changes to Gameday Draws

Please see below message from Macquarie Football, please check the Macquarie Football Fixtures site for the most up to date game listings.

Today we have made some changes to the 2018 draws because of movements of teams in and out of competitions. It has been necessary to alter some times of games. All these changes are available on the Web.

Please have all your teams check their draws regularly on the Web. The Web will always have the correct information about games.

Click the link below to your browser to see the latest draw:

Ryegrass Program Update

The Ryegrass program is now complete and we have been given the all’s clear to train and play on Marks Oval again.

Thank you to all teams for getting persevering with the difficult situation of limited training space but the playing surface will be much better throughout the season for the work that was done.

Season Fixture Listings

All of the regular season fixture listings have been released. To make it easier for everyone to find their team, we have grabbed links for each team and put them in the table below.

If you are unsure of your team, please check with your Coach/Manager in the first instance. If they are not able to advise you then they should contact the committee to find out and then they can notify the team.

Belmont 06/01-2018
Belmont 06/02-2018
Belmont 06/03-2018
Belmont 06/04-2018
Belmont 06/05-2018
Belmont 06/06-2018
Belmont 07/01-2018
Belmont 07/02-2018
Belmont 07/03-2018
Belmont 07/04-2018
Belmont 07/05-2018
Belmont 07/06-2018
Belmont 07/07-2018
Belmont 08/01-2018
Belmont 08/02-2018
Belmont 08/03-2018
Belmont 08/04-2018
Belmont 09/01-2018
Belmont 09/02-2018
Belmont 09/03-2018
Belmont 10/01-2018
Belmont 10/02-2018
Belmont 11/01-2018
Belmont 11/02-2018
Belmont 11/03-2018
Belmont 12/01-2018
Belmont 14/01-2018
Belmont 15/01-2018
Belmont 17/01-2018
Belmont 17/02-2018
Belmont AA/01-2018
Belmont AA/03-2018
Belmont O35Fri/01-2018


Players for U13’s Wanted

We are still in need of players for our U13 team. We need a few more players to ensure that we can get a full team on the park each week.

If you are, or know some one that has turned or is turning 13 this year and they are interested in playing this season please register online ASAP (don’t forget to claim your Active Kids rebate voucher first) and get in touch with our Registrar (Joanne) to let her know.

If getting in touch it Joanne via email, please use or you can call on 0410 477 360.