Return Team Kits


For those stragglers that are yet to return their team kit, please do so tomorrow morning before 8:30am. After that time the committee will be too busy with the running of the Presentation Day to accept returns.

Do not leave bags in the clubhouse without handing them to a committee member at any time. We had kits go missing last year as a result of just that.

Reminder: Team Kit and Chocolate Money Returns

Please be reminded that team kits and chocolate money are are to be dropped off at the club house tomorrow, Thursday the 5th September between 4:30pm and 6:00pm.

Team kits including training and playing kits are to be returned in full.

Outstanding chocolate money can also be returned during this time.

If your team is participating in Grand Final matches or the Valentine Gala Day, then you can return your kit on Presentation Day however this is not an invite for others to decide to do their then as well.

Team Kit and Outstanding Chocolate Money Returns


The committee will open the clubhouse on Thursday the 5th September between 4:30pm and 6:00pm for all teams to return their team kits including all playing strips and training kits. Outstanding chocolate money can also be returned at this time.

Please ensure all shirts are back in the bag so that you are returning a complete kit. We do not want to or have the time to chase shirts that are missing from the kits.

Alternate Strip Missing


Our alternate strip is missing. The strip is predominately yellow and is used when our blue strip clashes with our visiting opposition. The strip has been used a few times this season however last time it was used someone took it home to wash it and has forgotten to return it.

If you have the strip, please let us know ASAP and arrange to get it back to us.

REMINDER: Team Kits to Be Returned Tonight


Team Managers/Coaches please return all outstanding team kits to the clubhouse this Monday 3rd September. The clubhouse will be open from 6:00pm to 7.30pm. Please ensure that you have all the team shirts that were issued as these are required for next years teams.

Note: Teams participating in the Valentine Gala Day please return team kits on Presentation Day

If you are unable to make this time slot please contact the club email on to make an alternate arrangement.