Finals Series Update


After the Semi Final weekend, Belmont FC have already had three teams secure their place in their respective Grand Final matches on the 31st August. Those teams are the Under 12’s, Under 13’s and our Saturday All Age side.

We have 4 teams playing in Preliminary Finals matches this weekend attempting to win their place in the Grand Final. Those teams are our Friday Night All Age team, Over 35’s, Under 15’s and Under 18’s.

Unfortunately our U12 Girls side were defeated 2-1 on Sunday in a toughly contested match which see’s them exit the competition. Well done team on what was a really good season.

Belmont FC are asking that the community get along and support those teams from your local club that are still fighting for Finals success. The matches scheduled are as follows:

Friday 23/08/19
19:00 Biralee Oval Snr (Interdistrict AA Fri J) Vs North United Wolves SC
20:00 Finnan Oval No.2 (Interdistrict O/35 Fri G) Vs Nelson Bay

Saturday 24/08/19
11:30 Jack Edwards (Interdistrict 15 F) Vs New Lambton
12:00 Tredinnick Oval No.1 (Interdistrict 18 D) Vs Lake Macquarie FC

Grand Final Positions Already Secured
Saturday 31/08/19
09:00 Jack Neaves Oval 2 (Interdistrict 13 E) Vs Undecided
09:00 Norm Chapman Oval 2 (Interdistrict 12 L) Vs Undecided
14:45 Taylor Park No.2 (Interdistrict A/Age N) Vs Undecided

Semi Finals Weekend


Why not get along and support Belmont FC in their semi finals this weekend starting tonight with our Friday night All Age and Over 35’s. Tomorrow we have U12, U13, U15 U18 and another All Age team to support and on Sunday we turn our attention to the U12 Girls.

Good luck to all teams. Remember to enjoy your game. Make the most of your opportunities and appreciate the efforts of those around you that have made this possible.

Let’s go Belmont!!!

Friday 16/08/19
20:00 Carmichael Park – Interdistrict AA Fri J v Kurri Kurri JFC
20:00 Kahibah No.1 – Interdistrict O/35 Fri G v Greta Branxton FC

Saturday 17/08/19
09:00 Edgeworth Oval 2 – Interdistrict 13 E v Tenambit Sharks FC
09:00 Baddeley Park 2 – Interdistrict 12 L v Kurri Kurri JFC
11:30 Kahibah No.1 – Interdistrict 15 F v Edgeworth
12:00 Gregory Park No.2 – Interdistrict 18 D v Swansea
14:45 Tredinnick Oval No.1 – Interdistrict A/Age N v Morisset

Sunday 18/08/19
08:30 Edgeworth Oval 3 – Interdistrict U12G B v Cooks Hill

Final Series


Of Belmont FC’s nine competition teams, eight of them are looking towards their final series. This is a great achievment.

Below is the list of dates and times for each teams games.
Note: Not all games will be required, for example a win in a Major Semi Final will progress the team straight to the Grand Final without the need of playing the Final

Belmont 12
Semi Final
Saturday 17th August 9:00am, Baddeley Park, Cessnock
Saturday 24th August 9:00am, Gresford Oval, Gresford Vacy
Grand Final
Saturday 31st August 9:00am, Norm Chapman Oval, Rutherford

Belmont 12G
Semi Final
Sunday 18th August 8:30am, Edgeworth Oval, Edgeworth
Sunday 25th August 8:30am, Finnan Oval, Toronto
Grand Final
Sunday 1st September 8:30am, Jack Neaves Oval, South Cardiff

Belmont 13
Semi Final
Saturday 17th August 9:00am, Edgeworth Oval, Edgeworth
Saturday 24th August 9:00am, Finnan Oval, Toronto
Grand Final
Saturday 31st August 9:00am, Jack Neaves Oval, South Cardiff

Belmont 15
Semi Final
Saturday 17th August 11:30am, Kahibah Oval, Kahibah
Saturday 24th August 11:30am, Jack Edwards Oval, Argenton
Grand Final
Saturday 31st August 11:30am, Taylor Park, Barnsley

Belmont 18
Semi Final
Saturday 17th August 12:00pm, Gregory Park, West Wallsend
Saturday 24th August 12:00pm, Tredinnick Oval, Lake Macquarie
Grand Final
Saturday 31st August 12:00pm, Jack Neaves Oval, Cardiff South

Belmont AA
Semi Final

Saturday 17th August 2:45pm, Tredinnick Oval, Lake Macquarie
Saturday 24th August 2:45pm, Tredinnick Oval, Lake Macquarie
Grand Final
Saturday 31st August 2:45pm, Taylor Park, Barnsley

Belmont AAFri
Semi Final
Friday 16th August 6:00pm or 8:00pm (dependent on finishing position), Carmichael Park Bellbird
Friday 23rd August 7:00pm, Biralee Oval, Kurri Kurri
Grand Final
Friday 30th August 6:00pm, Miller Park, Greta Branxton

Belmont O35Fri
Semi Final
Friday 16th August 8:00pm, Kahibah Oval, Kahibah
Friday 23rd August 8:00pm, Finnan Oval, Toronto
Grand Final
Friday 30th August 8:00pm, Taylor Park, Barnsley

Social Football in the Off Season


Belmont FC is interested in holding some social football during the off season for anyone 15 years old and above. The idea is that we turn up most likely on a Friday afternoon/evening and split into teams and play some social games.

If you are interested in participating in this kind of social event, please let us know. We want to know that this concept is accepted before we decide to definitely go ahead with it.

Ground 2 Open for Games


While the Ryegrass program is still in place, we have the all clear to play our games on Ground 2. Training is to continue to only be in the areas outside the fence of Grounds 1 and 2.

During game days, please do not warm up on Ground 1, the only reason anyone should be on Ground 1 is to collect a ball that has strayed from the game on Ground 2.

Fixture Listings


Below is a listing of all teams. Each team name is a link to that teams’ fixtures for the season of 2019. There are additional screens that can be navigated from within the site including results for competition teams (I.E. U12 and above).

Some teams may have already found their draws online, and as such, it is important that you follow Macquarie Football’s request of “Check your draws!!!!!!!!!!!!!” as there “may have been some changes to game times over the last week. This has been mostly due to some teams withdrawing from competitions.

The draw on SportsTG is always the correct version. At all times SportsTG should be checked by everyone for the most up to date match information.”

Belmont 06/01-2019
Belmont 06/02-2019
Belmont 06/03-2019
Belmont 06/04-2019
Belmont 06/05-2019
Belmont 07/01-2019
Belmont 07/02-2019
Belmont 07/03-2019
Belmont 07/04-2019
Belmont 07/05-2019
Belmont 07Girls/01-2019
Belmont 08/01-2019
Belmont 08/02-2019
Belmont 08/03-2019
Belmont 08/04-2019
Belmont 09/01-2019
Belmont 09/02-2019
Belmont 09/03-2019
Belmont 09Girls/01-2019
Belmont 10/01-2019
Belmont 10/02-2019
Belmont 11/01-2019
Belmont 11/02-2019
Belmont 12/01-2019
Belmont 13/01-2019
Belmont 15/01-2019
Belmont 16/01-2019
Belmont 18/01-2019Fix
Belmont AA/01-2019
Belmont AAFri/01-2019
Belmont O35Fri/01-2019

If you would like to navigate through possible competitions and additional information, please use the following point as a starting reference.

Trial Games Sunday 7th April

Please find the times for all of our planned trial games for this coming Sunday the 7th April 2019.

The times shown are kickoff times so please ensure your team arrives early enough to get prepared for the game.

Shorts and socks will be available on the day for those who still need to purchase but please be aware that the committee will be busy so being served can be unavoidably delayed


Field Time Age Home Away
B1 9:00 U6 Belmont 6.1 Valentine 6.3
B2 9:00 U6 Belmont 6.2 Valentine 6.4
B3 9:00 U6 Belmont 6.3 Valentine 6.11
B4 9:00 U6 Belmont 6.4 WBFC 6-4s
B5 9:00 U8 Belmont 8.1 Dudley 8
B6 9:00 U8 Belmont 8.2 Valentine 8.3
ROO 9:00 U8 Belmont 8.3 Edgeworth 8
B7 9:00 U10 Belmont 10.1 Edgeworth 10
B8 9:00 U10 Belmont 10.2 Valentine 10.3
B1 10:00 U6 Belmont 6.5 Edgeworth 6
B2 10:00 U6 Belmont 6.6 Edgeworth 6
B3 10:00 U7 Belmont 7.1 Valentine 7.3
B4 10:00 U7 Belmont 7.2 Valentine 7.4
B5 10:00 U9 Belmont 9.1 Valentine 9.3
B6 10:00 U9 Belmont 9.2 WBFC 9-2s
ROO 10:00 U8 Belmont 8.4 Valentine 8.4
B7 10:00 U11 Belmont 11.1 Valentine 11.5
B1 11:00 U7 Belmont 7.3 Valentine 7.8
B2 11:00 U7 Belmont 7.4 WBFC 7-7s
B4 11:00 U7 Belmont 7.6 GIRLS Swansea 7 GIRLS
B6 11:00 U9 Belmont 9.4 GIRLS Edgeworth 9 GIRLS
2 11:00 U12 Belmont 12 GIRLS Swansea 12 GIRLS
1 12noon U12 Belmont 12.1 Edgeworth 12.3
2 12:30 U13 Belmont 13.1 WBFC 13-1s
1 1:30 U15 Belmont 15.1 Edgeworth 15
2 2:00 U16 Belmont 16.1 WBFC 16-2s
1 3:00 U18 Belmont 18.1 WBFC 18-1