Belmont FC Life Member an Enemy Tonight


Are you free tonight? Why not come down to Marks Oval and support our Belmont FC Over 35’s take on one of our more local competitors, Warners Bay. Kickoff isĀ  at 6:30pm.

The local battle will no doubt be fierce, it was the last time these two teams met with 7 goals scored in total.

One of Belmont FC’s Life Members, Clint Starrett, forms part of the enemy for the game with him playing for the dark side. Come along, support Belmont FC and give Clint heaps.

We had a chat to Clint this week about the match. He told us that he thinks, “it will be a bit strange, this is the first time I’ve played at Marks Oval for the opposing team”. Clint also told us that he felt Belmont FC was the toughest team that he has played against this season even though the table does not currently reflect that.

Many years ago, Clint was one of the first players awarded the Belmont Soccer Club (as it was named then) 10 Years Continuous Service award as was Luke Richardson who is also a part of the opposing Warners Bay team this evening. (Picture shown is of Clint receiving the award and Luke in the background looking at his)