Looking for Sponsors

Belmont FC is currently looking for more sponsors to come on board.

If you own a company or work for a company that would like some recognition within our community or would like to help our club grow, please come forward and join our other sponsors.

To get more information, please contact our committee. Their contact details can be found here: http://belmontfc.com.au/committee/


More Volunteers Needed

Belmont FC runs completely through people giving up some spare time and helping out wherever possible. There are a number of positions within the club that still need to be filled. Some positions can be done from home whilst others require your attendance at the ground.

If you have any time that you can spare, we can find a way for you to help. Please contact the Belmont FC Committee if you are able to help us out and make the club better for the kids and the community.

Please take a look at what positions are available and see what suits you the most. Belmont FC Club Structure

Presentation Day

Whilst it is early in the season and Presentation Day might seem like it is a long way off, we thought that setting the date and advising everyone early would assist teams and families in planning ahead.

The Presentation Day for Belmont FC 2018 is scheduled for Saturday the 22nd September.


Important Information for Coaches and Managers

It is important that Coaches and Managers are registered with the FFA. They must complete the online registraion (free of charge). The registration page can be found here:


In addition to the registration, anyone that has an active role in the running of a Junior team as a Coach, Manager or any kind of Team Official must provide their WWC (Working With Children) number to Belmont FC. You must register online and then go to Service NSW to complete the registration.

The online portion of the Working With Children Check can be done here: