Just a friendly reminder that each team must assist in volunteer duties. It is the only way that this club can stay up and running. As outlined previously it is the role of the team manager to organise parents for volunteer duties as per the roster. You may discuss with another team if you wish to change a date however please keep the committee informed. If a team fails to show up they will be reallocated another time slot as highlighted in the updated roster.

Changes to the roster are highlighted in yellow.

Please refer Team Duty Roster. It is the responsibility of team Managers to organise sufficient numbers of volunteers in order to ensure smooth running of our game day facilities. Parents please check and confirm with team Managers their allotted date and times. For any issues with duty roster allocations parents should refer to their team manager. Your help here is greatly appreciated.

Volunteer requirements are listed below:


Ground Setup:

3 x volunteers required on the ground no later than 7.00am


1 x volunteer required per hour from 9am until 3pm.

BBQ Pit:

2 x volunteers required per hour from 9am until 3pm.

Your help and assistance is greatly appreciated.