Pull On Your Socks


Belmont FC has decided this year to get behind the McGrath Foundation and raise money for those estimated 53 people diagnosed with breast cancer each day. We are fundraising for the McGrath Foundation to help place Breast Care Nurses across Australia.

More information will be provided in the coming weeks however for now, be prepared to buy yourself a pair of pink socks so all players and supporters can show our support.

If you would like to make an early contribution to our campaign and make a donation, please do so on our fundraiser page.

Make BFC Great Again


Ok, so it’s not that we think Belmont FC isn’t great already but for it to continue being great and to for it to be even better takes work. A small amount of work by a lot of people can make a massive difference to the running of the club.

Sometimes people shy away from helping as they “don’t have the time”. We aren’t asking anyone to give up all of their spare time, we have many roles within the club that don’t take a lot of time and some roles that don’t even require you to be at the club. Sure, if you are inclined to help out and take on one of the committee positions that need to be filled we want you too, but even these positions don’t need to take all of your spare time.

Helping out a community club is a fantastic way to make a difference, meet people and feel fulfilled knowing that you are making a difference.

If you can spare some time, please let us know. We aren’t asking you to give up everything, we understand priorities and just need people to give as much time as they are feel they can spare.

Any good suggestions or ideas?


With 2018 rapidly coming to an end we are getting in early for a huge 2019 football season. We would love to hear your comments or ideas on how things can be improved to make our club even stronger and more enjoyable for everyone involved. If you have any ideas or suggestions please send an email to the following email address:


Your ideas and contributions are greatly appreciated, this email can be used all year round.


Belmont FC Committee


More Volunteers Needed

Belmont FC runs completely through people giving up some spare time and helping out wherever possible. There are a number of positions within the club that still need to be filled. Some positions can be done from home whilst others require your attendance at the ground.

If you have any time that you can spare, we can find a way for you to help. Please contact the Belmont FC Committee if you are able to help us out and make the club better for the kids and the community.

Please take a look at what positions are available and see what suits you the most. Belmont FC Club Structure

Belmont Football Club Inc is seeking a Canteen Manager

The position is open for a Canteen Manager to work every Saturday morning during football season junior home games.

It is preferable but not essential that applicants have:

  • Proven ability to work with a range of people and a demonstrated ability to work collaboratively in a team situation.
  • A working knowledge with Safe Food Handling.
  • Ability to run a canteen.
  • Supervise volunteers in a warm and professional manner
  • Relate in a warm and professional manner with patrons.

Current Working with Children Check is necessary.

Small remuneration provided for mature and dedicated volunteer.

Option to team up with a buddy to share the workload. Applicants do not need to be club members. Friends or relatives are welcome to apply so please let them know.

For further detail please contact Joanne Green 0410 477 360 or Jade Hislop 0411 323 159.

Applications by April 23, 2018.

Please forward applications to: belmontfc@macquariefootball.net.au