Boot Out Breast Cancer


Today Belmont FC turned pink and raised money for Hunter Breast Cancer Foundation.

Here are a few photos that have been shared with us.

(If you have taken some pics of the day, please share them and well add them to this gallery)

Website and Social Media Manager Wanted


Are you (a little) tech savvy? Are you wondering how you can get involved with our great club, volunteering but without needing to spend time at the ground? This could be what you are waiting for.

We are in search of someone who can look after our website and Facebook page. The website is very simple to use and posting is a breeze. The committee provide you the information that they need shared online and with a little creative flair, you put together the post and display it for all to see. You’ll also be responsible for updating the page to advise as the whether the grounds are open or closed.

If you think you have what it takes to fill this position, are happy to learn or have some questions about the position, please don’t hesitate to make yourself known. You can either message via Facebook or complete the Feedback form on our website:

Social Football in the Off Season


Belmont FC is interested in holding some social football during the off season for anyone 15 years old and above. The idea is that we turn up most likely on a Friday afternoon/evening and split into teams and play some social games.

If you are interested in participating in this kind of social event, please let us know. We want to know that this concept is accepted before we decide to definitely go ahead with it.

Boot Out Breast Cancer


Don’t forget, this weekend is our Boot Out Breast Cancer fundraiser.

For our players, this is the weekend to be wearing your pink socks. There will be collection tins for those wishing to make a donation, a lolly jar guessing competition and why not get your hair coloured?

Glasses Found

We have been notified of someone finding prescription glasses as they left Marks Oval this afternoon.

If you believe these may be yours, please contact us via Facebook message or contact the committee (details on the committee tab on our website) who can put you in touch with the person who has them.

Returning of Perpetual Trophies


As the club prepares for this years Presentation Day, we ask that all those who were awarded perpetual trophies last year return them so that we can get them ready for the new recipient this season.

We will be able to accept them from you on game days, which this coming weekend is both Saturday and Sunday.

Will the ground be opened / closed?


One of the most common question themes we get asked (as do other clubs) is whether or not grounds will be open today for training or tomorrow for the games etc.

It’s hoped that that this post helps clear up the best way to find out.

For training, the current status of the ground is always shown on our Grounds tab on the Belmont FC website ( The website is updated as soon as as a decision is made. Asking if it will be opened later will be answered with something to the effect of, we don’t know until it’s inspected.

For games, on all fields in all of Macquarie, Newcastle and Hunter regions, the Wet Weather page (link below) found on the Macquarie Football website (and is linked to on the Grounds tab of our site) is the best way to tell. For weekend games the spreadsheet is updated up until 7:30am and if it doesn’t say closed, you should head to your game. The clubs are not able to close the ground for the day beyond this point. It is possible that games will be called off during the day if the referee(s) deem it as unplayable or unsafe.

Wet Weather page link –

Sometimes clubs will advise early that the ground won’t be available all weekend other times clubs will leave it until the morning to decide. For mid week including Friday night games, the spreadsheet will be updated as early as possible in the afternoon but it is recommended to check before leaving for the game in case of a late update.

For our ground, we get asked why we don’t make an early call to decide so people can plan just as often as we get asked why an early call was made when it might dry out. If we know without doubt one way or the other, the decision can be made early, but there is usually doubt and our fields to tend to dry quickly which makes an early call difficult.

The ground is regularly checked by our volunteers to decide whether the ground needs to be closed or opened. The ground is able to be closed by one committee member if they deem that it is unsuitable however at least two committee members must agree to open the ground back up. As a club, we’d love nothing more than to never close the ground however the welfare of players takes priority as does ensuring that the fields stay in a suitable condition for use over time.

Grounds Remain Closed


The grounds have been inspected today and will remain closed for training. The grounds will be reinspected tomorrow morning so that a decision can be made as to whether the ground will be open for games.