Cadbury Fundraiser


We’re about to kick off a fundraising drive to raise money for Belmont Football Club. It would be great if you could roll up your sleeves and help.

The good news is that this fundraiser is super simple… and delicious.

Cadbury Fundraiser: we’re selling Freddo and Caramelo Koala Funpack.

Every box of Freddo and Caramelo Koala Funpack we sell will raise $60. So we’re asking players and/or parents to sell at least one box for us. Feel free to grab another box if you’ve got lots of hungry buyers lined up!

Please collect your box of Freddo and Caramelo Koala Funpack on:

Date: 11th May 2019

At: Marks Oval Clubhouse

Tips for selling your treats

• Each item sells for $1

• Sell to family members, colleagues, friends or neighbours

• We don’t recommend that children sell the products – if they are involved, please ensure an adult is with them at all times