Fixture Listings


Below is a listing of all teams. Each team name is a link to that teams’ fixtures for the season of 2019. There are additional screens that can be navigated from within the site including results for competition teams (I.E. U12 and above).

Some teams may have already found their draws online, and as such, it is important that you follow Macquarie Football’s request of “Check your draws!!!!!!!!!!!!!” as there “may have been some changes to game times over the last week. This has been mostly due to some teams withdrawing from competitions.

The draw on SportsTG is always the correct version. At all times SportsTG should be checked by everyone for the most up to date match information.”

Belmont 06/01-2019
Belmont 06/02-2019
Belmont 06/03-2019
Belmont 06/04-2019
Belmont 06/05-2019
Belmont 07/01-2019
Belmont 07/02-2019
Belmont 07/03-2019
Belmont 07/04-2019
Belmont 07/05-2019
Belmont 07Girls/01-2019
Belmont 08/01-2019
Belmont 08/02-2019
Belmont 08/03-2019
Belmont 08/04-2019
Belmont 09/01-2019
Belmont 09/02-2019
Belmont 09/03-2019
Belmont 09Girls/01-2019
Belmont 10/01-2019
Belmont 10/02-2019
Belmont 11/01-2019
Belmont 11/02-2019
Belmont 12/01-2019
Belmont 13/01-2019
Belmont 15/01-2019
Belmont 16/01-2019
Belmont 18/01-2019Fix
Belmont AA/01-2019
Belmont AAFri/01-2019
Belmont O35Fri/01-2019

If you would like to navigate through possible competitions and additional information, please use the following point as a starting reference.