Trials Games Still Going Ahead

Following ground inspections this morning and this afternoon, at this stage tomorrows trials games are Marks Oval are going ahead.

The ground was very wet and soft under foot this morning but the inspection this afternoon showed that while some areas are still wet, there has been great improvement.

Shorts and socks will be available on the day for those who still need to purchase but please be aware that the committee will be busy so being served can be unavoidably delayed

B19:00U6Belmont 6.1Valentine 6.1
B29:00U6Belmont 6.2Valentine 6.2
B39:00U6Belmont 6.3Valentine 6.12
B49:00U6Belmont 6.4 WBFC 6-6
B59:00U8Belmont 8.1WBFC 8-1s
B69:00U8Belmont 8.2Valentine 8.1
ROO9:00U8Belmont 8.3WBFC 8-2s
B79:00U10Belmont 10.1 WBFC 10-2
B89:00U10Belmont 10.2Valentine 10.2
B110:00U6Belmont 6.5Valentine 6.5
B210:00U7Belmont 7.1Valentine 7.1
B310:00U7Belmont 7.2Valentine 7.2
B410:00U6Belmont 6.6Valentine 6.6
B510:00U9Belmont 9.1Valentine 9.1
B610:00U9Belmont 9.2Valentine 9.2
ROO10:00U8Belmont 8.4Valentine 8.2
B710:00U11Belmont 11.1WBFC 11-2
B111:00U7Belmont 7.3Valentine 7.7
B211:00U7Belmont 7.5WBFC 7-7s
B311:00U7Belmont 7.6 GIRLSValentine 7.1 GIRLS
B611:00U9Belmont 9.4 GIRLSWarners Bay 9.3
211:00U12Belmont 12 GIRLSValentine 12 GIRLS
212:30U13Belmont 13.1WBFC 13-2s
11:30U15Belmont 15.1WBFC 15-1
22:00U16Belmont 16.1WBFC 16-2s
13:00U18Belmont 18.1Valentine 18.1