Reminder Jets Training Session 27th March 4pm.


Just a quick reminder for those teams taking part on Wednesday afternoon.

Please be on time for a 4pm start. Teams will be placed into groups of 16 and rotated through drills every 8 minutes. Coaches will need to follow and assist their team at each station. If you are late you will miss your drill.

Coaches need to bring along the cones and balls for drill setup.

Due to limited number some players have unfortunately missed out so if you are booked in and are unable to make it then please let us know. We would like as many kids as possible to be involved.

You can contact us on

If your team usually trains at 4pm on Wednesday afternoon and you are not taking part in the Jets session the Rooball field and surrounding areas will be the only areas available.

*** Updated *** Trial Games Sunday 31st March

We will require assistance setting up the fields, in the BBQ Pit and in the Canteen for the day. If you are able to help, please let us know.

Please find the times for all of our planned trial games for this coming Sunday the 31st March 2019.

The times shown are kickoff times so please ensure your team arrives early enough to get prepared for the game.

Shorts and socks will be available on the day for those who still need to purchase but please be aware that the committee will be busy so being served can be unavoidably delayed

B19:00U6Belmont 6.1Valentine 6.1
B29:00U6Belmont 6.2Valentine 6.2
B39:00U6Belmont 6.3Valentine 6.12
B49:00U6Belmont 6.4 WBFC 6-6
B59:00U8Belmont 8.1WBFC 8-1s
B69:00U8Belmont 8.2Valentine 8.1
ROO9:00U8Belmont 8.3WBFC 8-2s
B79:00U10Belmont 10.1 WBFC 10-2
B89:00U10Belmont 10.2Valentine 10.2
B110:00U6Belmont 6.5Valentine 6.5
B210:00U7Belmont 7.1Valentine 7.1
B310:00U7Belmont 7.2Valentine 7.2
B410:00U6Belmont 6.6Valentine 6.6
B510:00U9Belmont 9.1Valentine 9.1
B610:00U9Belmont 9.2Valentine 9.2
ROO10:00U8Belmont 8.4Valentine 8.2
B710:00U11Belmont 11.1WBFC 11-2
B111:00U7Belmont 7.3Valentine 7.7
B211:00U7Belmont 7.5WBFC 7-7s
B311:00U7Belmont 7.6 GIRLSValentine 7.1 GIRLS
B611:00U9Belmont 9.4 GIRLSWarners Bay 9.3
211:00U12Belmont 12 GIRLSValentine 12 GIRLS
212:30U13Belmont 13.1WBFC 13-2s
11:30U15Belmont 15.1WBFC 15-1
22:00U16Belmont 16.1WBFC 16-2s
13:00U18Belmont 18.1Valentine 18.1