Make BFC Great Again


Ok, so it’s not that we think Belmont FC isn’t great already but for it to continue being great and to for it to be even better takes work. A small amount of work by a lot of people can make a massive difference to the running of the club.

Sometimes people shy away from helping as they “don’t have the time”. We aren’t asking anyone to give up all of their spare time, we have many roles within the club that don’t take a lot of time and some roles that don’t even require you to be at the club. Sure, if you are inclined to help out and take on one of the committee positions that need to be filled we want you too, but even these positions don’t need to take all of your spare time.

Helping out a community club is a fantastic way to make a difference, meet people and feel fulfilled knowing that you are making a difference.

If you can spare some time, please let us know. We aren’t asking you to give up everything, we understand priorities and just need people to give as much time as they are feel they can spare.

Happy New Year 2019


Happy New Year 2019 to all our friends, players and supporters of Belmont FC. We hope you are enjoying your holidays.

We know its early in the year but it’s a good idea to let everyone know a few dates and some new information.

Upcoming dates:

Registrations open:         1st February 2019

Team formations close: 1st March 2019

Round 1 games commence: weekend of 26/27/28th April.

For team preferences please email

MY FOOTBALL Account Background

  • For over 11 years players and participants in football were identified using an FFA number.
  • This old FFA number is linked to all player history stored in MyFootballClub.
  • The Play Football System is replacing MyFootballClub, therefore removing the need for participants to have an FFA number, by creating a Football Account linked to more than just their registration to play or participate in Football.
  • My Football is the official account for football participants and fans in Australia from December 2018.
  • My Football account gives people access to football registrations, exclusive content, special offers and discounts.


We really really need some new sponsors. If you know anyone that may be interested then please get them to send an email or let us know and we will get in touch with them.

Active Kids

The $100 Active Kids rebate is again available in 2019 to help with Registration Fees.


The following positions are open so please get in touch and get involved:

Vice President


Many other minor roles are still available. Please email us at for more info.

We need your help. It is too much to ask the small number of people who are currently doing all the work.