Grounds 1 and 2 Closed for Ryegrass Program

Both of our playing fields are CLOSED from now until the 16th April due to the Ryegrass Program (which we have been having done each year) being done again.

The program sows our grounds with Ryegrass which grows well in the winter and provides us with a better playing surface. It is unfortunate that the program cannot be done during the summer but it needs to occur at this time of the year for the Ryegrass to establish itself.

Training for teams cannot be performed anywhere within the fenced area for grounds 1 and 2. Training areas outside of that area can be utilised such as the wet weather training areas including the RooBall field. All teams are expected to get along and share spaces but please remember that some teams have the RooBall field as their allocated training area so talk to other Coaches/Managers and work out what is fair and don’t take over others space.