Urgent Meeting

Due to the failure of this years AGM, Belmont FC is holding an emergency meeting, Monday 9th October, 6:30pm, clubhouse.

To stop the club folding we need volunteers to keep Belmont FC an independent club. At the moment Belmont FC only has a Treasurer, Secretary-part time, registrar, committee members, small sided co-ordinator and a canteen manager.

The above is NOT ENOUGH to keep our club running.

To Keep Belmont FC we need your presence at this meeting to elect a President, Vice President, someone to share the Secretary role, Social Media Administrator and many small roles.

If none of the above can be filled we have no choice but to hand Belmont FC into Macquarie Football’s hands, to find a President and Vice President from other clubs, this would be a shame after Belmont FC being independent for over 50 years.

The club is in it’s members hands, we hope you can step up and join us at the meeting and volunteer your time, like many have before you.