New Look Committee

As we wave goodbye to season 2017 and look towards season 2018 we would like to thank those who have volunteered their time throughout the past season.

Richard Watkins in particular deserves a special thank you having been President for the last 5 years. More about Richard can be found HERE. We wish Richard all the best in his future endeavors and hope he still finds the time to drop in at the club to catch up.

A club such as ours can only run when the community dedicates time and effort to make it work. Our family friendly club has a proud history and tradition of helping each other out and this is to continue with the volunteers that have accepted roles on the committee for season 2018.

Belmont FC welcomes our new President, Darren Hughes and Vice President, Graham Nuss as well as welcoming back Kathryn O’Neil as Treasurer and Joanne Green as Secretary and Registrar and thanks them for taking on major roles within the club.

The club is still looking for additional volunteers including someone to take on fundraising. If you would like to help the club out in any way at all, please let us know.

Urgent Meeting

Due to the failure of this years AGM, Belmont FC is holding an emergency meeting, Monday 9th October, 6:30pm, clubhouse.

To stop the club folding we need volunteers to keep Belmont FC an independent club. At the moment Belmont FC only has a Treasurer, Secretary-part time, registrar, committee members, small sided co-ordinator and a canteen manager.

The above is NOT ENOUGH to keep our club running.

To Keep Belmont FC we need your presence at this meeting to elect a President, Vice President, someone to share the Secretary role, Social Media Administrator and many small roles.

If none of the above can be filled we have no choice but to hand Belmont FC into Macquarie Football’s hands, to find a President and Vice President from other clubs, this would be a shame after Belmont FC being independent for over 50 years.

The club is in it’s members hands, we hope you can step up and join us at the meeting and volunteer your time, like many have before you.

Volunteers URGENTLY Needed

Parents and Players,

Thank you for a great season this year and congratulations to those teams that made it into the final rounds. It is always a pleasure watching the club grow and to see new or familiar faces throughout the soccer season.

Although, we wish we were writing to you all to end the season on a positive note, this is not the case.

Belmont FC has been a great community organisation for over 50 years, bringing communities together and growing as a club. It is quite disappointing to think that 2017 could potentially be the last season for Belmont FC.

As everyone is aware, we sent various emails in regards to the AGM meeting that commenced on Monday the 18th of September 2017. This meeting required ALL coaches, managers and parents of the club to attend. The purpose of the AGM is to reflect on the great year we have had and to discuss the future of the club. This year, as you are all aware. Richard Watkins and Julie Hicks, have stepped down from their duties to pass on the responsibilities to other members of the community. They have worked tirelessly for 5 years to keep the club going and growing, but unfortunately must move on eventually.

This required other members of the community to step in and volunteer for the positions available.

EVERY YEAR we struggle to gain volunteers, although it does benefit your children, it is quite sad to see no one showing a helping hand. We do appreciate those that do step forward, you know who you are and we thank you.

For the 2018 season we have no PRESIDENT, OR VICE PRESIDENT. These are vital positions to fill, otherwise you will have to find another club for next year. There are all different roles that are needed to be filled.

We are extremely disappointed in the insignificant numbers of participants at this year’s AGM.

So we are calling out for everyone to go to our special meeting that’s been called for the


Thank you for the 2017 season.

Belmont FC Committee